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Most children suffer glue ear at some point in their childhood. Glue ear tends to develop following a cold or an ear infection.

Glue ear happens when clear fluid collects in the middle ear. This fluid is not pus and it isn’t a sign of infection. Fluid build-up is usually due to the membrane of the Eustachian tube swelling so it can’t open and equalise the pressure. This creates negative pressure which can cause fluid to form and partially or completely fill the middle ear, making the eardrum less flexible. Hearing is impaired and sound waves are muffled. It feels like your ears are blocked.

Otovent is an aid that can be used if your child can’t equalise the pressure on their own. Otovent should always be used with an adult.

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Has your child had a cold recently and you’ve noticed that their hearing has got worse or that they aren’t responding to sounds as quickly as they used to? If so, your child may have glue ear and need help equalising the difference in pressure in the middle ear. Otovent is a safe method that can be used by children aged 3 and over.

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  • Dulled hearing

    The sticky glue-like fluid associated with the condition dampens the vibrations made by soundwaves causing a reduction in hearing ability

  • Babies less responsive to sound

    Children yet to develop speech who suffer from glue ear are less responsive to sound

  • Speech & language problems

    In some cases, glue ear can cause stunted speech and language development

  • Using a louder volume

    If your child is turning the volume up louder than usual on household devices, this could be a sign of glue ear

  • Selective hearing

    Children with glue ear can appear to have selective hearing, for example not responding when their name is called

  • Learning challenges

    Difficulty hearing the teacher can lead to a child’s school work deteriorating

  • Social isolation

    Hearing loss reduces a child’s awareness of their environment and can leave them feeling left out

  • Balance problems

    Ear conditions can cause balance problems

What is OME?

Say goodbye to Glue Ear.
Say hello to Otovent®.

How to use Otovent®

  • Connect

    Attach the balloon to the nose piece. Hold the round part of the nose piece firmly against your left nostril with your left hand. Press the right nostril closed using your right index finger, making sure the nostril is completely closed.

  • Inflate

    Take a deep breath, close your mouth and gently but firmly blow up the balloon using your left nostril until the balloon is the size of a grapefruit (10–12 cm). Once the balloon is inflated, swallow a couple of times.

  • Repeat

    Repeat the process with the right nostril.

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