How to use Otovent®

Using Otovent is easy and based on the original Otovent method. Follow the three steps below to achieve the desired results.

Follow these easy steps

Otovent is an aid that can be used if you or your child can’t equalise the pressure on your own. Otovent should always be used with an adult.

Slightly stretch and inflate the Otovent balloon prior to first-time use.


Attach the balloon to the nose piece. Hold the round part of the nose piece firmly to your nostril. Press the
other nostril closed with your index finger to prevent air flow on that side.


Inhale deeply, close your mouth and gently but firmly inflate the balloon to the size of a grapefruit (10–12 cm). Once the balloon is inflated, swallow 1–3 times.


Repeat the process on the opposite nostril. The procedure has worked when you hear or feel a small ‘pop’ in your ear.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I use Otovent and for how long?

For the first week of treatment, Otovent should be used at least three times a day (morning, midday and evening) blowing up the balloon once per nostril each time. In the second week of treatment, Otovent should be used at least twice a day (morning and evening). Then repeat this process in the same way. It may take a few months to achieve the maximum effect.

Who can use Otovent?

Otovent can be used by children aged 3 and over.