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    Use Otovent® to treat glue ear

    Has your child had a cold recently and you’ve noticed that their hearing has got worse or that they aren’t responding to sounds as quickly as they used to? If so, your child may have glue ear and need help equalising the difference in pressure in the middle ear. Otovent is a safe method that can be used by children aged 3 and over.

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    Glue ear in adults

    Drug-free and non-surgical, Otovent is an autoinflation device. The balloons included in the kit are specially pressurised to open the eustachian tube when inflated via the nose. This process allows the fluid associated with glue ear to safely drain away. Referring to clinical trials conducted on children diagnosed with glue ear, NICE recommend that auto-inflation is tried during the watch and wait / active observation period.

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Otovent® – easy to use

Helping your child to use Otovent can be a fun game for both of you. And as long as your child knows how to blow their nose, they shouldn’t find the technique too tricky. Otovent can be used by children aged 3 and over. Watch our video about what is happening inside the ear when glue ear builds up.