Treat glue ear
with Otovent®

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For children and adults

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What is “glue ear”/ear catarrh/Otitis Media with Effusion (OME)

Glue ear/ear catarrh/OME is often experienced in connection with a common cold. It can lead to a plugged feeling in the ears, muffled hearing ability or partial hearing loss. Both adults and children can suffer from fluid in the middle ear that does not disappear immediately after a middle ear infection.
It is especially important to follow up children after middle ear inflammation as a hearing loss can affect speech development. Also, backwards sniffing (sniffing inward during a cold) can cause ear infections. Pressure differences when flying and diving can also create a negative pressure in the middle ear.

Otovent is a well-documented aid that can be used if you or your child cannot equalize the pressure themselves. Otovent should always be used with an adult.

Track your journey with the Otovent® app

Otovent companion app makes using Otovent even more engaging and fun for both children and adults. With the companion app, you can easily set a mark each time you inflate an Otovent balloon and receive reminders through notifications, ensuring that you never miss a session.

Glue ear in children

Has your child had a cold recently and you’ve noticed that their hearing has got worse or that they aren’t responding to sounds as quickly as they used to? If so, your child may have glue ear.

Glue ear in adults

Drug-free and non-surgical, Otovent is an autoinflation device. The balloons included in the kit are specially pressurised to open the eustachian tube when inflated via the nose.

When can Otovent®

Otovent is designed to open the eustachian tube and normalize the pressure around the eardrum.
It is well documented for treating glue ear in children and adults. Each pack of Otovent is going through a strict quality control to deliver the adequate treatment each time.

  • For treating glue ear in children and adults
  • To help decompress before scuba diving
  • To assist when decompressing on flights
  • To help decompress at high altitudes in general